When drafting and reviewing contracts it is very important that you consider current legislation and laws and consult a consumer lawyer. The Consumer Protection Act ("CPA") has huge implications on the drafting of contracts and documentation for consumers. With Venn Attorney's background in Consumer Law, the implications of the CPA are always considered in drafting and reviewing of contracts.

Consumer Law

The general effective date of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 ("CPA") was 31 March 2011 and since then South African consumers are now amongst the best protected consumers in the world. As a leading consumer attorney, we help make sure that your marketing, agreements and forms are complaint with South African law.

Promotional Competitions

Conducting promotional competitions in terms of the CPA is a very particular process and requires overseeing and certification by a competitions independent auditor. Venn Attorneys oversees the entire process and compiles a report for internal auditing.

Ensure Compliance

Consumer law made simple.
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Venn Attorneys is an approachable, smaller law firm with a specific focus on consumer law, contracts and promotional competitions. Since the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act in South Africa, consumer law has come to the fore and Venn Attorneys has developed a particular interest in this field.
Jessica Venn


Jessica Venn

Jessica Venn


Being an entrepreneur is in my blood and starting my own law practice was a natural decision to make. Venn Attorneys opened in July 2011 and has grown steadily over the past two years and recently moved from Paulshof into new office premises in Woodmead.

I have a passion for working with people and assisting others so lecturing and focusing on the positve aspects of law fit well with my personality. I lecture various law subjects but have a particular interest in law of contract and the Consumer Protection Act.

My interest in the Consumer Protection Act has a strong influence over how I run my practice and I incorporate the impact of this new legislation in all my work, particularly in drafting of contracts and other legal documents.

In the legal field it is not always easy to remain grounded and positive but I believe that finding a niche like consumer law is my way of assisting those who have been granted this much-needed protection.


Did you know that promotional competitions must be overseen by an independent attorney, advocate, accountant or auditor? ​Luckily, that is what we love doing. Here are some other things that we love.
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